Jann Haworth and Sewing

Came across this book, Power Up – Female Pop Art. Hadn’t thought about the girls and Pop Art before.

Jann Haworth tells a story about the 1960s. When she arrived at Slade School of Fine Art she was told by one of the tutors that they didn’t need to look at the portfolios submitted by women, they just need to look at their photographs.  The girls were there “to keep the boys happy.”

Yes she does look lovely in her head scarf.

| Jann Haworth, detail, 1963 |

So Jann decided she needed to change all this. She started creating soft sculptures. She had been sewing since she was eight. She recalled “I made all my own clothes and could make anything from cloth-cut patterns. I knew it was all mine, that no man could ‘best’ me here.”

And these soft charm bracelets are the best.

| Jann Haworth, Charm Bracelet Gold, 2005/2006, original mid 1960s |

Julia Ritson

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