Cool Eric Thake

Me again with artist portraits. Love this image by Sarah Chinnery of Eric Thake at the beach wearing striped socks.

| Sarah Chinnery, image of Eric Thake at Brighton Beach, c1955, State Library of Victoria |

Sketching away.

| David Corke, image of Eric Thake sketching in street, 1959 |

There is something about people looking in windows. This is the best.

| Rob Meers, image of Eric Thake looking in a shop window, 1964 |

Here is Eric in a beautiful self portrait from the 1970s. Those socks twenty years later. The bird book lovingly at his side.

He loved birds.

| Eric Thake, We saw the Orange Chat, 1974 |

Julia Ritson

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  1. There are two significant Eric Thake paintings coming up for sale next month at Charles Nodrum Gallery in Richmond. One is the important late painting ‘Eight Hour Day’, the other a small gouache entitled ‘backstage’ – one I’ve never sighted before.

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