Grace Crowley

Off to see von Guérard at the NGV Australia and distracted by favourite Grace Crowley painting.

This detail of the painting below is a reminder again of the difficulties of reproduction. The reddish square in the middle always pops up as a pinkish tone. There are many reproductions of this work in my studio – not one correct.

Although a prettily perfect orange.

| Grace Crowley, Abstract painting, 1952, detail |

Still trying to get to the bottom of the anatomy of the overlapping planes in Crowley’s work. Went to Canberra to see the excellent Grace Crowley, Being Modern, exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia in 2006.  Tried to find the extended interview that was played at the exhibition but doesn’t seem to be be available anywhere.  Hope someone uploads.

Elena Taylor’s catalogue of the exhibition has this lovely image of Grace wearing a stripy scarf.

| Grace Crowley in her Manly flat c. 1979, courtesy of Gwenda Robertson |

Julia Ritson

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