Liubov Popova

Back to one of the pioneers of Russian Constructivism – Liubov Popova.

Liubov’s colleague Alexsandr Rodchenko took the photo below in the 1920s of the enigmatic Russian celebrity of the day, Lili Brik.

There is a jarring contrast between the Liubov designed head scarf and the shimmering look-at-me dress of an unknown designer.

An example of Popova’s design is on the left. Much more Constructivist with their bold graphics. Popova’s designs do not reveal the body. There is never any suggestion of shiny, clingy fabrics. Maybe her clothes were too restrained for celebrity needs but I wish Lili was wearing the dress on the left.

Until of end of her life Popova’s fabrics continued to bring art into life. To the everyday.

| L – Liubov Popova, Dress Design, 1923-4 |

| R – Aleksandr Rodchenko, Lily Brik wearing a silk scarf adopted from a fabric design by Popova, 1924 |

The above images comes from Rodchenko & Popova, Defining Constructivism written by Margarita Tupitsyn.

Julia Ritson

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