Sidney Nolan

Reading the Patrick McCaughey edited book of the letters between Albert Tucker and Sidney Nolan. It’s a compilation of their correspondence over 30 years and a great read.

A back and forth conversation about recognition/non-recognition and tactics for Tucker to get into the Venice Biennale. It was 1955 and Tucker couldn’t believe he had been excluded.

Nolan was successful and Tucker was less so. Like most Australian artists they travelled all over.

Nolan made this painting of Italian Churches in the late 1950s.

| Sidney Nolan, Italian Churches, Late 1950s |

Reminds me of a Giotto painting.

So it is no coincidence to read a 1951 letter of Nolans referring to Giotto and his art of wonderment.

Julia Ritson

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  1. Nolan looked so classy in the big survey at the NGV a few years ago. These mid-career works where he’s searching for European/African alternatives for the Australian landscape are really good. I have a memory of a couple “Greek” Ned Kelly paintings (or is my memory playing tricks?).

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