Mini Europe

Melbourne was a mini London in the 1880s. Lots of new gold wealth led to a massive boom in building and architects were in demand.

Ornate buildings up to 12 floors high – almost a replication of what a city should look like. Lots of facades.

Got me thinking about the Mini Europe theme park which used to be in a wind swept paddock on Philip Island.

A European gent pining for home? His own Europeland?

| Mini Europe, Philip Island, late 1980s |

| Mini Europe, Philip Island, late 1980s |

There is something about humans and the need to miniaturise. The tiny things take us back to our childhood. If we can miniaturise we can posses.

Erwin Wurm satirises the concept perfectly in his narrow house.

| Erwin Wurm, Narrow House, 2010 |

Julia Ritson

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  1. Were is this Attraction located in Phillip Island

    1. Hi Elizabeth – my apologies I just saw this. I haven’t been able to find it again. I presume it closed down!

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