Picturesque Pavilions on St Kilda Road

For the long suffering commuter in Melbourne there used to be tram shelters.

There are a couple left on St Kilda Road.

They were built in the 1920s. Made of timber in the Edwardian style which showed a change from the more ornate Victorian style.

But with lots of personality.

Frank Stapley was the architect, mayor, and a bit of a straight talking town planner. He believed in the combination of “utility and beautification”.

Lucky for us.

| Tram Shelter, Frank Stapley, 1920s |

| Tram Shelter, Frank Stapley, 1920s |

Julia Ritson

2 responses to “Picturesque Pavilions on St Kilda Road”

  1. Goodness! Are the really still there?

  2. Jule Edenburg Western Australia Avatar
    Jule Edenburg Western Australia

    How delightful to find some ‘Frank Stapley’ designed architecture. I am currently researching his life and work and would really appreciate any info on the above. It will be a while before I’m able to visit Melbourne.

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