Picturesque Pavilions on St Kilda Road

For the long suffering commuter in Melbourne there used to be tram shelters.

There are a couple left on St Kilda Road.

They were built in the 1920s. Made of timber in the Edwardian style which showed a change from the more ornate Victorian style.

But with lots of personality.

Frank Stapley was the architect, mayor, and a bit of a straight talking town planner. He believed in the combination of “utility and beautification”.

Lucky for us.

| Tram Shelter, Frank Stapley, 1920s |

| Tram Shelter, Frank Stapley, 1920s |

Julia Ritson


  1. How delightful to find some ‘Frank Stapley’ designed architecture. I am currently researching his life and work and would really appreciate any info on the above. It will be a while before I’m able to visit Melbourne.

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