St Kilda Road made over

The decrepit row of terrace houses on the curve linking Albert Road to St Kilda Road was perfect fodder for redevelopment. Fortunately Mark Strizic captured them just before demolition.

| Mark Strizic, Albert Road and St Kilda Road, 1958 |

BP road into town and popped their head offices there.

| Wolfgang Sievers, BP Head Office, Construction, 1960 |

| Wolfgang Sievers, BP Head Office, 1967 |

Now one of the more chichi apartment buildings in St Kilda Road.

Julia Ritson


  1. Julia-I lived in Albert Road-1954-55.On the other side of the Boer War cenotaph. I was 10 and the Queen was in town but as10 year olds did in those days I explored this half acre – extensively. By the mid 60’s I was back as a junior art director at a small successful advertising agency that had popped up next door to the funeral parlour on the corner of Park Street. – Mark Strizic was a commercial photographer I worked with – specifically on studio work for Mobil. I have dropped into your site via Google looking for and discovering a before image to show someone who worked in BP House in the sixties – Thank You Melbourne

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