Dora Chapman’s Scarf and Roll Neck Sweater

This is one of my favourite scarf paintings.

Painters make choices.

They are saying how do I want the world to see me? With scarf, with hat, with background baggage and baggy jacket? How have I changed? How can I express what makes me me?

Here I am. Dora Chapman from Adelaide. There is a confidence and an uncertainty. Her eyes are diverted. Unsure.

Chapman painted several portraits around this time and in 1941 she was the awarded the Royal South Australian Society of Arts’ Prize for Portraiture for this painting.

| Dora Chapman, Self Portrait, c 1940 |

Here are a few more of her portraits. See how Dora used the same scarf as a head scarf in portrait second on the left?

| Dora Chapman, 3 Self Portraits, plus Self Portrait in Roll Neck Sweater, 1940 |

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