Grid Guru Rosalind Krauss

My obsession with the grid has led me around many corners.

One of my enduring inspirations is the essay Rosalind Krauss wrote in 1978 about Grids.

“It is not just the sheer number of careers that have been devoted to the exploration of the grid that is impressive, but the fact that never could exploration have chosen less fertile ground. As the experience of Mondrian amply demonstrates, development is precisely what the grid resists. But no one seems to have been deterred by that example, and modernist practice continues to generate ever more instances of grids.”

Krauss captures what I like about the grid. It is supposed to resist development but I find the opposite. For me it is a continuing source of inspiration. All I see is the grid.

| State Offices Melbourne, Yuncken Freeman, 1962 |

“The grid’s mythic power is that it makes us able to think we are dealing with materialism (or sometimes science, or logic) while at the same time it provides us with a release into belief (or illusion, or fiction).”

Julia Ritson

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