Another Marimekko moment. I think I must be in a sentimental mood. But I love these 1970’s rig-outs. If I only we had these to wear in Sorrento. All the sisters in polka-dots.

| Marimekko, Annika Rimala, Dress and Shirt-and-Shorts ensemble, Pallo pattern, 1971 |

Queen Alexandra and her sister Dagmar also loved the polka dot.

The sisters designed their own clothes and often dressed identically causing a sensation when out and about in London. I think these dots would have been quite radical for the time.

| Queen Alexandra and Dagmar, 1873 |

A polka-dot is full of cheerful optimism and fun. It’s what we all need.

Julia Ritson

2 responses to “Polka-Dots”

  1. I have got to know about this pattern, polka-dot, from this post. Is it always dark background and light circles?

    1. Thanks for your comment Irene. I think anything goes with the Polka-Dot. Dark or light. Love your history of Russian costumes. Julia

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