Raoul Dufy’s Textile Art

Raoul Dufy is one of those artists who was able to successfully cross from one medium to another.

| La Chasse, furnishing fabric, woodblock-printed linen and cotton. Designed by Raoul Dufy for Bianchini-Ferier, Lyons, c. 1920. |

So much so that Dufy designed over two thousand patterns for the textile manufacturer Bianchini-Ferier.

Sonia Delaunay said “Dufy’s fabrics were like a ray of sunlight on a gloomy day; they were embraced by the fashion industry, giving it a note of fun and spontaneity that had not been seen before.”

Dufy created these lovely reinterpretations of the traditional Toiles de Jouy. Tennis anyone?

| Raoul Dufy, Advertisement for the Toiles de Tournon range, 1925 |

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    1. And to create so much. What an output!

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