Lapis Lazuli and Textiles

Heard Professor Marie O’Mahony on the old radio the other day talking about textile companies using gemstones in fabrics.

The concept piqued my interest.

I was just about to do a post on Josef Hoffman’s brooches made with lapis lazuli. And I had recently read the hilarious Kate Carter piece in the Guardian about ridiculous body treatments.

What’s going on in the world?

Now if the insertion of lapis lazuli into the man’s suit made him smarter or made the suit last longer then I’d be all ok with it. But they are just shiny.

The Scabal company says “The microscopic particles of lapis lazuli are evenly distributed by hand at the end of the weaving process and are then captured by the straightened fibres and integrated harmoniously in the cloth.”

For the man who has everything and appreciates discrete luxury.

On a lighter note the availability of personalised text woven into your suit could have many interesting uses. I’d like to see one with a whole lot of Jenny Holzer truisms.

Julia Ritson

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