Magnolia Days

A shift to spring in Australia brings a shift back to Melbourne.

Smiled when I saw this magnolia tree the other day.

| Melbourne Synagogue, Toorak Road, Nahum Barnet, 1930 |

Got me thinking about the 1300 seat place of prayer in the background.

It’s a beauty designed by Nahum Barnet.

He designed many beautiful buildings in Melbourne including the Georges department store.

| Georges Building,  Nahum Barnet, 1913 |

Beautification of Melbourne was one of his obsessions. He wrote numerous letters to the Argus lamenting all sorts of abominations.

In 1889: “As a native of the city I feel keenly the opprobrium constantly cast upon it by visitors, who sneer at our filthy sewers, and who justly condemn the dust, garbage, and smells that go to make up a part of our every day life in malodorous Melbourne.”

It’s great to see so many of his buildings are still around.

Julia Ritson

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