Pretty Pavilion in the Park

A while back I mentioned the work of Architect and City Town Planner extraordinaire Mr Frank Stapley.

He had been in the business for 38 years and this building in King’s Domain was designed to be a souvenir of his work. The Stapley Pavillion.

It really is quite lovely. A picturesque pavilion for contemplation. Although I’d love to see it without the hedge.

| Stapley Pavilion, Frank Stapley, King’s Domain, 1939 |

Seems I’m on a brick buildings theme. Although this one is more brick columns. Columns everywhere

| Stapley Pavillion, Frank Stapley, King’s Domain, 1939 |

There was some delay in building the 700 pound building due to procuring some of the unusual bricks and tiles.

Julia Ritson

One response to “Pretty Pavilion in the Park”

  1. I love this pavillon. We had my mum’s 60th here afternoon tea here. so gorgeous. Just down the gardens a bit is Pioneer Women’s gardens. One of my fave places in Melbourne.

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