Ghost Towns in South Australia

Back to Fiona Somerville and tent like structures.

Fiona has always been great at talking about her work, and I love it.

So here is what Fiona has to say about her Humpy and Gum painting.

The painting has came from a group of work based on the idea of two towns in South Australia, Hammond which is a ghost town, and Pinnaroo where my father came from. The feeling is bleached bright light, stillness, the kind of pulsing sound from cicadas and buzzing flies. The dots in the picture are the flies. The buildings made from sticks represent the kind of buildings you would find in these old towns, the Criterion Hotel, the Bank of Adelaide, civic monuments like a clock tower, and various humpies, dongas, and huts. The sticks which held up the tent became the structure in itself. The structures are what we have left to look at after the people are gone.

| Fiona Somerville, Humpy and Gum, 2006 |

Thanks Fiona.

Julia Ritson

1 Comment

  1. I absolutely love Fiona Somerville’s work. I’m trying to find work on Pinterest.
    This is some ancient post I’m replying to.
    Anyhow… goodness knows what’s out there with the flies and dust in the ether.

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