When I look at my sister Sarah’s collages, I’m reminded of buildings. Buildings with anthropomorphic qualities.

Wouldn’t it be fun to see three dimensional versions of all of her collages.

A city of Sarah buildings – Sarahville.

Like a bower bird Sarah sources printed material from all over the place, including fashion magazines, to makes these curious and lively collages.

Original cutting and pasting.

| Sarah Ritson, Mix (CB) #17, 2006 |

| Sarah Ritson, #34 Mix BW, 2008 |

Julia Ritson

2 responses to “Sarahville”

  1. Anthropomorphic-(i had to look that up).The longer you look at these collages the more your visualization begins to materialize.It’s a strange but kinda wonderful world you live in.(that’s a compliment by the way).

  2. Thanks for the compliment…

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