Print Madness

I’ve been contemplating prints in fashion. Prints are easy to make but not easy to wear head to toe.

Digital printing has turned things a bit crazy. It’s all plug-in Photoshop stuff. Take a photo, manipulate it a bit, make it look arty, and voil√†.

There is no limit to digital pattern making. Which means ultimately, at the lower end of fashion, you will end up with a diluted form of the well thought out digital adventures at the high end of fashion. Wallpaper type patterns which we’ll probably start seeing in banking or airline uniforms real soon.

There is a gee wiz wow factor as this strutting Photoshop goes down the runway. But who can really wear this overwhelming stuff.

A couple of seasons ago Mary Katrantzou did some really interesting work. The patterns followed the line of the body.

It hurts me to put this image in. The overall cut of the suit is really uninspired and creates a wallpaper woman. Not so interesting.

| Mary Katrantzou, Spring 2012, image comes from |

I don’t mind this pretty Erdem dress. Apart from matchy matchy accessories, there is at least some subtlety and I’m a sucker for birds.

| Erdem, Spring 2012, image comes from |

Julia Ritson

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