Herbert Matter and Knoll

I’ve been looking at the encyclopedic exhibition catalogue of Knoll Textiles for a couple of weeks now. So much to see.

The multi talented Swiss born Herbert Matter was hired by Florence Knoll in 1946 to work on Knoll’s corporate image. Over the next 20 years he created all sorts of impelling ideas for them.

Check out the powerful hound’s tooth in Matters 1965 advertisement. “York is Knoll’s new upholstery for home and office, couches and chairs, a subtle change in classic houndstooth simplifies the weave so that the pattern works in any direction.”

| Advertisement for Knoll Associates, by Herbert Matter, 1965 |

And in 1952 the intelligent use of the graph paper to help you choose the right sized Florence Knoll designed conference table.

| Advertisement for Florence Knoll designed conference table, 1952 |

The story of Florence Knoll is a whole other thing…

Julia Ritson

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