Eszter Haraszty and Knoll

When I was writing about Ludwig Becker’s Fata Morgana a couple of weeks ago I had to look up the meaning. The expression has popped up again. The name of one of Eszter Haraszty’s textiles for Knoll Textiles.

La Fata Morgana is an Italian phrase for the Arthurian sorceress Morgan. The Sicilians believed the mirages often seen off Sicily were fairy castles or false lands to lure sailors to their deaths. Complex mirages.

I can’t say I really understand the meaning of the expression in this context but let’s just say it certainly has to do with optical effects.

Eszter was the house colourist for Knoll and went on to design many award winner textiles. She also worked closely with Herbert Matter on the graphics and advertisements for Knoll.

Here is Eszter Haraszty wearing the Fata Morgana design.

| Ezter Haraszty wearing a dress made from her design Fata Morgana, 1949 |

Another one of those Sound of Music clothes as curtains moments.

And I just love this pattern. Black, Red, Pink, Persimmon on White.

| Eszter Haraszty, Triad (Black, Red, Pink, Persimmon on White), 1954 |

Julia Ritson

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