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In the Knoll Textiles book I was also drawn to the work of Viennese born Gretl and Leo Wollner. They met while studying with the director of the fashion division of the Wiener Werkstätte.

Leo also worked for architect Josef Hoffman for a short time in 1947. The couple later went on to work in Germany with the innovative Pausa textile company.

While at Pausa they worked with Knoll Textiles on experimenting with flowing lines of colour on a giant scale. They were part of the whole “interior decoration designed by artists” push.

Here we have Sling, a witty meandering linear motif.

| Gretl and Leo Wollner, Sling, 1971, Made by Pausa AG for Knoll Textiles |

Anni Albers’ relationship with Knoll spanned 20 years. She moved from woven textiles to printed textiles. One of her most famous prints is the very geometric grid based Eclat print. The design started out as a printed upholstery (printed by Pausa AG) and is currently on the market as a woven textile.

Here I’m liking the connection of the above print to the similarly meandering style of Anni’s drawing from 1959.

| Anni Albers, Drawing for rug, 1959 |

Julia Ritson

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