Textile Utopia

William Morris was a brilliant pattern maker.

In his Arts and Crafts lectures he said: Do not have anything in your home that you know not to be beautiful. He said design should be something which can be done by a great many people without too much difficulty and with pleasure. The special limitations should be a pleasure to you, not a hindrance.

I like the way Michel Houellebecq referred to him in his latest book.

Any man (woman) could/should produce beauty. Morris didn’t like the industrial production of art that had come about since the Renaissance.

All commercial, no spirit. I know, all very romantic.

This beautiful piece was sold as an embroidery kit, with background fabric ready-stamped with the design.

| William Morris, Flowerpot embroidered panel, possibly worked by his daughter May, 1880 |

And this wonderful tulip print on a piece of cotton with its incredible depth of colour.

| William Morris, Tulip, printed cotton, 1875 |

Julia Ritson

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