Gayety at Flemingtoniana

Australian Town and Country Journal sent journalist Sleipner to report on the 1882 Cup Day.

I cannot attempt to describe the superb dresses. It is enough for me to say that the ladies were swathed and costumed in everything that femininity could design. But outside the paddocks and stands is as fine as collection of all that is ruffish and fuffianly as one might wish to see. The lumberers, the rampers, the thieves and the entire frowsy and feculent fringe which does so much to demoralise the turf was there. Pandemoniacal orgies.

Oohh I like feculent fringe. Are they the dangerous classes in the background?

| After the Last Race, The Illustrated Australian News, 1882 |

In 1887 The West Australian newspaper captured the lead up to Cup Day.

The gay season is just about to commence. The air is rife with balls and rumours of balls, not to speak of races, garden-parties and last, not least, amateur theatricals! The Cup is at hand, and the city is full already of country cousins come to view marvelous Melbourne and the sights thereof.

St. James’s Gazette has recently published an article on ” The Australian Women,” in which she is accused of an inordinate love of dress. When one sees the gowns being made for ” the Cup” one is inclined to concur in this opinion.

Julia Ritson

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