Here They Come by G.R. Ashton

The brother of painter Julian Ashton, George Rossi Ashton, came to live in Australia for 14 years or so and captured beautifully the characters of the time.

Here’s a fashionable young thing at the Melbourne Cup in 1885. The highly contrasting material gives the artist lots to work with. Apparently the material across the abdomen was fashionable at this time. It was gathered up over the bustle at the back and allowed to fall in a loop. The bonnet tie forms a lovely scarf.

A flirty look.

| G.R. Ashton, Here They Come!, 1885 |

And I particularly like this Ashton larrikin character study for The Bulletin. A great drawing showing the types of larrikin to be seen at the races. In 1886 the larrikin was described as “a young loafer, his too small jacket; his tight-cut trousers; his high-heeled pointed boots…”  Yep tight clothes and flashy boots.

| G.R. Ashton, drawing for the Bulletin, 1895 |

Julia Ritson

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  1. Nice illustrations. Thanks for sharing a bit of art/history!

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