Talbot’s Sheep

I’m not sure I’d be too good in the fashion photography world. Imagine the brief from the Australian Wool Board. Women and Sheep.

Henry Talbot started a fashion photography business with Helmut Newton in the 1950s and when Helmut left to seek fame in Europe Henry took over the business.

| Henry Talbot, Simplicity Patterns advertisement for Vanity Fair, Werribee Station, Victoria, 1968 |

I think the Talbot image below is hysterically funny. All Wild Colonial like with the car reflecting in the window. And the sheep looking away from all the action. Peter Conrad in his book At Home in Australia said about this photo: Talbot’s image has the humorous despair of the best fashion photography. Beauty begins to perish as soon as the shutter clicks, innovation leads to obsolescence. The immemorial continent ignores those who think they can redesign it.

| Henry Talbot, Wild Colonial Colours Campaign for the Wool Board 1970s |

Julia Ritson

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