Wool in Peking

Vogue Australia was one of the first fashion magazines given permission to shoot in Peking. It was 1981.

In Vogue Australia’s book celebrating 50 years the photographer Patrick Russell remembers noticing the way the Chinese saw beauty. They thought the model was the cleaner, and they thought the women from the Australian Wool Board, a big industrial country girl, was the model.

I wonder what the big industrial country girl looked like.

Here are some of the photos of American model Lesley Weiner who by the way had worked as William Burroughs’ recording engineer before the model gig. She is wearing Stirling Cooper jacket and trousers.

| Patrick Russell, cover of  Vogue Australia, Lesley Weiner, March 1981 |

A great 80s look with the big red scarf contrasting with the little red neckerchiefs for the good communist boys.

| Patrick Russell, Vogue Australia, Lesley Weiner, March 1981 |

Julia Ritson

One response to “Wool in Peking”

  1. Ah. Patrick Russell, a great image maker, creative and film director, some of my best work in Sydney and New York was for Patrick. Where is he now?

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