Hattam’s Krimper

Contemplating the chairs we grew up with. And the chairs we have now. All our chairs have come from some other place. They all have histories. That’s what I like about them.

Schulim Krimper was a maker of chairs and artist Katherine Hattam features one of his chairs in this 1998 print. One that she sat on as a young person.

My family sat on chairs by the same man.

Here she captures the Krimper chair and and seems to acknowledge the similar interior quality of Grace Cossington Smith’s work by using the pattern gracing the background of Grace’s Sock Knitter.

| Katherine Hattam, In My Father’s House II, etching, APW, 1998 |

And in this work she shows the different chairs used by different family members.

I love chairs.

| Katherine Hattam, Freud & the Post-Freudians, Mixed media on paper, 2003 |

Julia Ritson

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