Katherine Hattam

I’ve been thinking about things that are expensive and unbecoming. The sort of stuff you see in some interior design magazines. Editorial featuring rooms with all sorts of sparkly new designer chairs alongside advertisements flogging off reproductions of said chairs. What is is about chairs and reproductions?

Katherine Hattam does the opposite. In this case, she features the mundane chair and shows it in all its beauty. Very similar to Grace Cossington Smith. Also a lover of the everyday interior.

These works are like an inventory of a studio space. Intimate but normal.

| Katherine Hattam, Green Chair, Gouache and pencil on board, 2011 |

Hattam has been exploring chairs since the mid 1990s. In these lovely paintings she has added all the surrounding bibs and bobs.

Love the doggies and the argyle patterned bag playing off with the patterns above and below. The sinewy white creeks pushing against the door device and the scattered polka dots. So many beautiful things going on.

Compositional beauties.

| Katherine Hattam, Kitchen Chair, Gouache and pencil on board, 2011 |

Julia Ritson

One response to “Katherine Hattam”

  1. …thank you for sharing these impressive works!

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