Genteel Tea Rooms

Bright and shiny new bars must have been a lovely sight in Sydney circa 1935. You can imagine artist Grace Cossington Smith coming across this scene and being captivated by the room’s form and colour.

The painting is all about the chairs. Scarlet chairs surrounded by emerald green. I wonder who designed them?

She said about the painting: What I did like tremendously, was the contrast of white background and darker foreground with the people.

| Grace Cossington Smith, The Lacquer Room, 1935-6, |

I tried, in my painting below, to capture all the new jazzy feel of Cossington Smith’s painting. All that modernity. With those scarlet chairs.

| Julia Ritson, Grace 6/1018, 2010 |

Julia Ritson


  1. I really enjoy your blog, and am quite intrigued with your paintings based on the Smith paintings. I’d like to blog about them at my quilt blog. May I have your permission to quote some of your writing, and put up your paintings? A lot of quilters use geometric-based art in generating their own quilts, and might like to see how this works in the painting world as well.


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