Boy’s Bedroom

I’ve always been a fan of the De Stijl movement (1917-1931). They weren’t about depicting things. More about taking a few simple elements and playing around with these. Horizontal v vertical. Large v small. Light v dark. And a few primary colours.

This well known painting by fellow Dutch man Vincent van Gogh was used as inspiration for a whole room. A boy’s bedroom.

| Vincent van Gogh, Bedroom in Arles, 1889 |

One of the founding members of the De Stijl movement, Vilmos Huszár, along with Pieter Jan Christophel Klaarhamer designed a room based on the fellow Dutch man’s Bedroom painting.

This image is from a reconstruction of the room at the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague based on vintage photographs.

Two beds, two chairs, a bedside table, washing up space and a chest of drawers.

Over the top but very appealing to me. Emphasising and de-emphasising.

| Vilmos Huszár (colour scheme) and Pieter Jan Christophel Klaarhamer (furniture), 1919 |

Julia Ritson

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