Giuseppe Terragni

While Mussolini was getting on with his unique way of leading, in 1926 a group of seven young architects in Milan were introducing Rational Architecture. Any problem in architectural design could be solved using rational thought. No need for any of those ornate bibs and bobs seen in Art Nouveau. They were a bit late in joining the International Style prominent in Europe.

One of the members was Fascist Party member Giuseppe Terragni.

These images of this Terragni buildings are from a beautiful book called “The Modern Flat”, first published by The London Architectural Press in 1937.

The Town Planning Administration of Milan charged them with formal anarchy and the creation of an unknown building type and refused them a building permit nine times.

| Villa Rustici Milan, Lingeri and Terragni, 1935 |

He worked with Pietro Lingeri to create these apartments on the Corso Sempione. All very prestigious with the stunning penthouse occupying the whole of the both roof spaces.

| Villa Rustici Milan, Lingeri and Terragni, 1935 |

Julia Ritson

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