Unfinished NYC by Joseph Brennan

Upon his first visit to New York City, early 20th century novelist O. Henry commented; “It’ll be a great place, if they ever finish it.” While the headstrong North Carolinian ‘Tar Heel’ of course meant this mockingly, his derision highlights one of the city’s greatest qualities – its constantly evolving nature, as a metropolis under construction.

| New York City, image by Joseph Brennan, 2012 |

The fact that it will likely never be “finished” is a testament to the ability of its residents and planners alike, of today and years past, to constantly seek out the new and exciting. We, as mere onlookers hope that its evolution will continue ad infinitum, the never-ending course of change a wonder to behold. Even in the smallest alterations, a new apartment block or the replacement of a billboard, New York reflects the development of the wider world in the most highly concentrated form imaginable.

| New York City, image by Joseph Brennan, 2012 |

Joseph Brennan


  1. HH

    These posts about New York make me really want to go there. Very interesting!

  2. I’m glad you like them. My 18 year old niece and soon to be 16 year old nephew have been posting for me. I’d love to be there!

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