Utah Minutiae by Joseph Brennan

There’s something brewing in Utah’s deserts. It’s been developing like this for millions of years and yet, it must be witnessed on the most intimate level in order to be properly appreciated.

| Canyon Point, Southern Utah, image by Joseph Brennan, 2012 |

Within the great cliffs and plains of sandstone, and the greens of the Colorado River – snaking its way through Glen Canyon and upwards, to heave at the tired dam wall- there exists clustered ecosystems that have evolved and thrived in their way and continue to do so, as fast as ever. From afar, one is able to obtain a perspective so broad; the beauty of it is overwhelming. But when one concentrates their focus on the minutiae of the landscape, it becomes more clear that its splendour results from a sum of many discrete parts, and it is therefore easier to understand, as least in a visual sense.

| Canyon Point, Southern Utah, image by Joseph Brennan, 2012 |

Even in the winter months, while walking through patches of fading cacti, there isn’t a surrounding shrub or stone that doesn’t demand fascination and cautious inspection. From the very lightest layers of moss, to the trees desiccated by the Canyon sun – this is a land on the frontier of ecological change, down to the smallest weed.

| Canyon Point, Southern Utah, image by Joseph Brennan, 2012 |

Joseph Brennan

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