Violet Teague 1872-1951

When I was reading about Albert Namatjira, I found Victorian artist Violet Teague had a close connection to him.

I enjoy checking out artist portraits so as an introduction to the well travelled and philanthropic lady here are three lovely photos from The State Library of Victoria.

Love this jaunty one.

| Violet Teague, Raising the flag at Trawalla, Mt Eliza, 1940, State Library of Victoria |

Looks like the beret was her thing.

| Violet Teague, undated but circa 1929-1950, State Library of Victoria |

This photo is undated but like Violet is probably in her 70s.

| Violet Teague, Trawalla, Mt Eliza, undated but circa 1929-1950, State Library of Victoria |

Violet was renowned for her portraits and I particularly like this early self portrait.

| Violet Teague, Self Portrait, c1899, oil on canvas, from the Violet Teague catalogue |

Julia Ritson

3 responses to “Violet Teague 1872-1951”

  1. Lovely photos, Julia. I had a dog just like the one in the second photo. They’re one of Australia’s oldest breeds, the Murray River Curly Coated Retriever. My girl, Lily, is no longer with me, sadly.

  2. Hi Julia, my late mother was painted by violet Teague when she was around 14 years old. I’ve been trying to find the painting but had no luck. Mum used to ride her bike over to violets house and sit in a chair and pretend to be embroidering. Mum asked if her mother could purchase the painting but was told, your mother could never afford the painting. Love your photos.

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