Light Eric Thake

Back to happier times for Eric Thake.

A bright and breezy juxtaposition of images and ideas.

Eric wrote on the reverse of this painting “the sort of stuff the early Italians worked on, so George (Bell) told me.”

| Eric Thake, High and drying, 1934, image from Classical Modernism: The George Bell Circle |

I imagine his tongue planted firmly in cheek with this one. The title was found in a dictionary under the definition for Nirvana.

| Eric Thake, Salvation from the evils of earthly existence, 1940, image from Classical Modernism: The George Bell Circle |

Historian Mary Eagle got to interview Thake a year before he died in 1982 and found out that the propellers represent the twists of glass inside marbles.

Julia Ritson

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  1. Josef O'Halloran Avatar
    Josef O’Halloran

    I’ve always wondered what those propellers were since I was a little boy.

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