Bookish Eric Thake

Most of the information I’ve collected about Eric Thake has come from the State Library of Victoria website.

Including Thake’s beautiful bookplates. I suppose a dying art.

Here is the man’s own bookplate with a rendition of his initials.

| Eric Thake, bookplate [Eric Anchor Thake], 1931 |

Jean Daley was a prominent Victorian labor activist and this bookplate design won Thake an honourable mention at an international bookplate exhibition in Los Angeles in 1931.

It’s her book. Give it back.

| Eric Thake, bookplate [Orator], 1930 |

A classic idea here for book collector and publisher V.S. Hewett.

| Eric Thake, bookplate [Type slug], 1932 |

Bower Bird? Perfect for the avid collector John Gartner.

| Eric Thake, bookplate [Bower Bird], 1943 |

One for the arty man, the lawyer, the drinker, and the history man. Annois was Geelong Art Gallery president for 14 years and was a major player in creating State Galleries in Victoria. Thanks.

| Eric Thake, bookplate [Pediment and columns], 1971 |

And to top it all off this is one of Eric Thake’s last works in any medium.

A beautiful thing for Bernard Smith. Apparently based on a black swan illustration by the Port Jackson Painter.

| Eric Thake, bookplate [Back Swan], 1980 |

Julia Ritson

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