Far Away Australia

How about visiting the Ross River cattle station? A billy tea and damper picnic near the historic homestead.

Whip cracking and boomerang throwing lessons available. How far away from it all can you get?

| Australian Tourist Commission, Poster, A bush picnic, Ross River Cattle Station Resort, Photograph by Richard Woldendorp, 1969? |

This time Australian Tourist Commission chose Richard Woldendorp to shoot the photo.

Nowadays Wolendorp is making some beautiful aerial landscape photography and exhibits at Boutwell Draper Gallery.

Julia Ritson

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  1. I seem to have dredged a memory from the past about an ad like this for Emu Bottom (Sunbury historic homestead)too.

    1. Yes probably. Seems it was a big campaign. I reckon you could run with it now as not much has changed!

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