Music of Lina Bryans

In memory of Brian Finemore, Lina Bryans gave one of her major late works, Landscape Quartet, to the National Gallery of Victoria.

| Lina Bryans, Landscape Quartet, 1971, oil on canvasboard (4 panels) |

What an amazing painting.

And finally her last two paintings.

Softly swirling pale landscape.

| Lina Bryans, Cooper Meander, 1971, oil on canvas on hardboard, 90 x 121.5 cm |

Bryans had said ‘colour excited me’ and I think this work is one of her most exciting paintings of the elements with its quiet colour.

| Lina Bryans, Waterhole, 1973, oil on canvas on board, 81.5 x 101.8 cm |

Julia Ritson

Lina Bryans: Rare Modern 1909-2000, Gillian Forwood

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  1. Bernie McDonald Avatar

    I had the unalloyed pleasure of seeing the depth of the relationship enjoyed between Finemore and Bryans, over dinner one night, in Lina’s premises in Richmond. We’re talking early 70s. Finemore and I repeated this at least one other time.

    He was an extraordinarily acute judge of works of art. She was a great painter, and a beautiful woman. They complemented each other perfectly. When Lina returned from her sojourn in Central Australia, until he precipitously died, Brian was incredibly attendant to her health needs.

    For my part, during this dinner, I had the privilege of rifling through her works, stacked facing the walls, in an adjoining room, while Brian and Bryans talked. At that stage, their conversation was beyond my ken. Knowing Finemore as I did, I was used to this, She was a rare genius, such a lovely woman, a canny connection to another era of Australian art, and great dinner host.

    1. Thanks for sharing Bernie. Great story.

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