Lina Bryans’ Pink Colony

Artists’ Colonies seem a particularly Melbourne thing in the early part of the 20th century.

A dog bite was responsible for Bryans’ Colony. Lina Bryans knocked on the door of Ada May Plante (a painter friend of Jock Frater) for some help and the reclusive artist offered Lina a room to stay for the night which led to Lina boarding at Darebin Bridge House. Bryans needed a change and a timely inheritance allowed her to buy this large two story hotel built in 1848.

She painted it pink and spent much time entertaining all sorts of artists.

The sensitive painter, Ian Fairweather, was a close friend who stayed at the Pink Hotel for two years. Lina was an important supporter of Fairweather. You can see one of his paintings in this interior shot.

| North-west room at Darebin, c 1945 |

And here is Mr Fairweather.

| Captain Ian Fairweather in wartime Bombay, 1941 |

And the elegant Lina all set for some serious painting.

| Lina Bryans, c 1942 |

Julia Ritson

Lina Bryans: Rare Modern 1909-2000, Gillian Forwood

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  1. Do you know where the last painting is situated now? The US soldier with Lina standing beside. His daughter in USA is wondering?
    How would we find out?
    Desperately trying to help find this for his daughter, since his death.
    Thank you

    1. Hello, I got this information and image from Gillian Forwood’s book. I’ll get the book out from the library again and see if there is any reference in particular to this image. Julia

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