Lina Bryans Richmond

Lina Bryans met a lovely architect Alex Jelinek in the 1950s and found a really large house at 39 Erin Street, Richmond.

Jelinek took this great shot of Lina doing her thing. Lina is painting a portrait of Brita Sievers, the wife of photographer Wolfgang Sievers.

| Lina Bryans, 1958, photo by Alex Jelinek |

Architect Alex popped a sympathetic new extension onto Bryans’ entertaining mansion in Richmond. Isn’t that fireplace beautiful?

| Lina Bryans at 39 Erin Street Richmond, 1968, photo by Alex Jelinek |

Finally here is the very supportive, independent, intelligent, and talented 86-year-old Lina.

| Lina Bryans at Darebin, 1995, photo by Jane Walker |

Julia Ritson

Lina Bryans: Rare Modern 1909-2000, Gillian Forwood

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