Drouin Drinkers

I spent my early years in Gippsland. The Swamp District.

I came across this image of my Great Aunt Eileen, pulling beers, or turning on the tap, at the Drouin Hotel. Eileen Glen.

| Jim Fitzpatrick, Mrs Gleeson pours a beer for customers at the Drouin Hotel, Drouin, 1944 |

In 1944, the Curtin government wanted to send a new message to our allies about how much war work the Australians had done. So they sent photographer Jim Fitzpatrick to document the small town of Drouin.

10 years later, in John Brack’s world, the men were still swilling around.

| John Brack, The Bar, 1954, National Gallery of Victoria |

Julia Ritson

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  1. Jim Fitzpatrick is a relation of my Mothers, Phillipa Fitzpatrick he was my Great Uncle.
    The Fitzpatricks were initially based at Heyfield.
    Ask your rellies if they knew David Fitzpatrick, my Grandfather based in Sale and the only surgeon North of the Dandenongs from the 1930’s. Fitzpatrick House in Sale is named after him. Jim was his brother. One of 7 born in Gippsland at the farm in Heyfield,the family consisted of 1 girl and 6 boys.

    1. That’s great Pammy! Did Jim continue to take photos? I have read about your grandfather. I think I looked up Fitzpatrick House when you mentioned it recently. I’m sure my mother will know. My family were the Kavanaghs from Iona.

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