Iona House Family

| Iona House, c1960 |

I contacted architect John Davidson and he kindly corresponded with me about the “Carlowrie” house at Iona. I have always loved the ramp device on the house and John mentioned it was my mother Hayden’s idea to make it easier to get the prams into the house.

At this stage, Amanda, Joanne, and Lisa were already in the world, and I was probably waiting to be born. With three more children to come, prams played a big part in Hayden’s life.

John Davidson said he worked closely with my parents but was given full creative control after the initial brief.

In this photo, you can see the Schulim Krimper three-legged chairs purchased from auction. Hayden talks about lusting over all the latest modern furniture.

| Iona House, c1960 |

The interior worked well with its mixture of modern and antique. This is the room above the carport. The brick wall provides fireplaces for both the upstairs formal area and the downstairs lounge area using the same wide chimney.

| Iona House, c1960 |

Julia Ritson

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