Iona House Features

In the black and white days of the Iona House at 2066 Main Drain Road, Iona, family and possessions were falling gently into place.

A whole new world of light filled, curtain free spaces and a plan for a really big garden.

| Iona House c1960 |

The stairway up to the more formal lounge room was always a handy place to take a photo with those beautiful timber hand-rails.

| Iona House, Amanda and Joanne Ritson, c 1961 |

A few years ago the house was renovated and someone decided the timber needed a lick of paint.

Here is the space with all its light filled airiness.

| Iona House, c 2005, real estate brochure |

A real estate copywriter gushed, ‘Beautiful Botanical Garden’. Hayden’s hard work on the garden paid off.

And Architect John Davidson should be happy that after 50 years, the house is an example of ‘The Brilliance of Contemporary Architecture’.

Julia Ritson

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