Iona House Green

Iona House was surrounded by our busy dairy and potato farm.

Along with raising seven children, the garden was to become a very big part of my mother Hayden’s life.

And constant maintenance of the house. When the time came to re-paint the house, green and yellow tones were chosen.

| Iona House , c1968 |

The ramp was often used for “we’ve-got-our-special-rig-outs-on-so-let’s-take-a-photo” opportunities. Note Amanda and Joanne looking very sophisticated in their scarves!

I particularly loved my dress embroidered with white flowers.

Off to Mass…

| Rachel, Lisa, Amanda, Sarah, Andrew, Joanne and Julia Ritson c1968 |

Architect John Davidson said, “The Iona house was one of my most rewarding projects, I think, as it turned out well, your parents were very happy with it, and it created a small amount of attention at the time”.

Thanks to John Davidson for his interesting correspondence on this important house for our family.

Julia Ritson

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  1. What a brilliant Modernist house Julia, who was the Architect and where is it? A good Catholic family too!! :-)

    1. Yes it’s a beauty. Iona is near Bunyip in Gippsland. John Davidson is the architect. J

  2. It has been fascinating to see the photos that Julia has posted of the house I designed back in the ’60s. This was one of my happiest projects, and to see the house still in good shape is very rewarding. My current projects still have the same character, I think.

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