Prince Henry’s

I’ve been taking some time out and looking through images that have been part of my studio for years.

I took these photos of the Prince Henry’s Hospital and Nurses Home before it was demolished in 1994 to make way for the Bates Smart designed Melburnian apartments.

The architect was hospital specialist Leighton Irwin.

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  1. Unfortunately modernist architecture doesn’t age well, partly because of the materials used, and because it’s difficult today to accept some of its philosophy of living. The architecture is often seen as rubbish by city dwellers, and because there is so much of it, the structures are demolished more readily (just as earlier, often valuable buildings were demolished to make place for them). However, the more unique and representative ones should really be taken care of. I’ve seen a few renovated examples in Montreal and they really start to speak when brought back to top shape. It is really worth it!

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