Sol LeWitt PhotoGrids

Oh the grid. The warp. The weft. It’s everywhere. A constant companion.

Although LeWitt’s work was a lot about serial images he never stopped changing. Pushed an idea right to the end and then moved on.

In the Smithsonian Archives of American Art website there is a lengthy interview with LeWitt from 1974.  “The logic of the serial image was the important thing to me. At first it was the image, but then it became the fact of seeing things from three different angles, as they emerged and changed. It had a beginning and an ending. A kind of philosophical realism.”

In his 1978 book titled PhotoGrids, we see LeWitt gridding up within the grid.  This is one of his many publications.  A favourite.

Sol LeWitt PhotoGrids 1978

| PhotoGrids, Sol LeWitt, Paul David Press, Rizzoli New York, 1978 |

Julia Ritson

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